Al Canal Telecafé llega El Siguiente Comediante

On a platform and with only a microphone, participants mood reality, They had to show why deserve to be the next Comediante.

Desde este 15 de octubre inició la transmisión por el Canal de El Siguiente Comediante, a program in which a series of fun presentations, Comedians fans face a jury of professionals in the professional issue as Pablo Garro and where for the first time an animated character, Bill, It will be bitingly sarcastic as judge.

Comedians have to convince a demanding public who judge the presentation, after the jury delivered the verdict.

If the participant convinces the jury, wins the opportunity to move to the next stage, or you may be at risk of being removed from the program.

As they move, the competition becomes tougher and tougher challenges. Contestants must be very strategic choosing the theme of their presentations to ensure the permanence within the competence.

"The format is divided into four phases that will test comedians, Tells Jokes, comedians, ventriloquists and most prominent imitators in the region, para probar si tienen lo necesario para ser los mejores”, said Ana Milena Alzate, production coordinator and programming Telecafé.

In turn the manager Telecafé, Rotated Beatriz Gloria Hincapie stressed that this space is created by the Canal to help promote local artists and project nationwide

The winner gets a cash prize and will have the opportunity to compete on the program Saturday Felices.

This product is one of the co-productions with more Telecafé and expectations created by the brothers Quiroz, outstanding young from Pereira creators of the program The great invention Colombia developed for an international chain.

Channel reaches Telecafé The Next Comediante