Ante amenaza de explosivo Gerente de Telecafé solicita a las autoridades  reforzar la seguridad

The fact was presented about noon in the sector Sacatín University, which they are also located Telecafé facilities in Manizales.

An alarm of the alleged presence of an explosive device in the city of Manizales forced the precautionary evacuation of students from the Autonomous University and officials of Telecafé, those attending the call of the authorities to vacate the physical plant.

After the threat, authorities conducted the investigations and found that it was a false alarm.

However the manager Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie Telecafé, He called on the authorities to reinforce the security of media.

"We are a recognized means of the region in which we published allegations, why we can be the target of vandalism, so I call on local authorities to strengthen security in the sector and prevent a threat pass a regrettable fact ", said Giraldo Hincapie.

Meanwhile the administrative coordinator Telecafé, Jorge Enrique Calderon gave details overcome the situation noting that the Canal abided protocols.
"After the fact recorded this morning was determined coordinate emergency plans and evacuation of the Autonomous University and Telecafé, the aim is to work together to ensure the safety of both students and staff ", said the Coordinator.

In the coming hours the Manager Telecafé and local authorities will have a meeting to discuss what happened and take action.

Faced with threat of explosive Manager Telecafé urges the authorities to strengthen security