Antes de la fiesta, próximo estreno en Telecafé

Before the party is a fiction miniseries, TV, It is consisting of 4 chapters 24 minutes each. La serie es producida por Wild Movies en asocio con Kymera, widely recognized companies nationwide as generators of content, high quality, for film and television. It was financed with funds from the National Television Authority -ANTV. the next will be released by Telecafé 20 of June.

"Telecafé will still betting on good productions, for the particular case this is a work which has an excellent performance, known actors and a good story to tell ", said the manager of Canal, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

Meanwhile, the filmmaking team stressed that the work departs from the usual narrative formats of Colombian television fiction, so before the party is betting thriller codes to dive into the "deep Caribbean" and tell the story of Laura, a young journalist who returns to Barranquilla, city ​​he left as a child, with the purpose of finding answers about the death of his father.

Before the party, from Tuesday 20 June by Telecafé.

Before the party, upcoming in Telecafé