Área 53 estará en Rock al Parque 2017

"Being able to cover major rock festivals in the country, It is a privilege that few regional and even national media have enjoyed over the years ", highlight the program makers.

Area 53 It has been the main window so that young people are always aware of everything that happens at festivals belonging to the national festival circuit Rock, and even other unconventional festivals in our region as the "Petronio Alvarez".

The program has had the opportunity to participate and attend events like: Rock Park, Speaker, coexistence Rock, Manizales Grita Rock and major festivals in our region: Taiquenaju, recycles Rock, Willkamayu, Rock the Wind, among others. Likewise, They have been invited on three occasions to participate in the Festival Picnic Stereo, considered by many as the most important event in the Colombian musical environment.

According to the statement by Santiago Duque Naranjo, Program Director, "This time, we will tell all our loyal fans and viewers Area 53 will be in Rock Park this 1, 2 Y 3 July in Bogota, event we are witnessing from 2006, to always bring the best content and we feel the pleasure of enjoying the best groups, the best collective, and all notes context of this important event in the rock scene of our country ".

The program director also invited new audiences enjoy their content, "We hope to stay tuned and connected to the area and social networks, they know that they can find as @canaltelecafe on all platforms and can instantly enjoy all the content you will find there. Equally, in the daily broadcasts on Channel Telecafé Monday through Friday 5 a 6 p.m, They will see all the material that we bring from Bogota to you ".

In turn the manager Telecafé stressed the importance of Area 53 for promoting artists.

Area 53 You will be in Rock Park 2017