Caracol, RCN y Telecafé, los canales más vistos en la región

Así lo revelaron los estudios realizados por las empresas Brief Media y las mediciones de audiencia de KANTAR IBOPE MEDIA.

The study contracted with the firm Brief Media aimed to identify levels of brand awareness, familiarity and image in the category of television and generally evaluate programming Telecafé in the departments of Risaralda, Caldas and Quindio.

According to Brief Media they were performed 3008 Surveys of men and women among the 18 Y 74 years, the application of the sample has a confidence 95% and a margin of error 3.5%.

He highlights the pollster that the question what national TV channels know or have heard of?, a 88% He said see Caracol TV, followed by 80% who said RCN TV and a Telecafé 48%. Are followed Channel 1 with 22%, Teleantioquia with 15%, Colombia signal a 15%, Telepacífico a 13% and later found Telecaribe, TV Agro, Citi TV and Une with 13%, 16%, 4%, 2% Y 2% respectively.

"It is noteworthy that high levels of this indicator has Telecafé against its major competitors", Media executives said Brief.

The survey also measured the familiarity of the channels with audience, placing a second Telecafé, only followed by Snail TV in a point of difference, 94% Y 93% respectively, and surpassing other multinationals such as RCN Television and Canal 1 who appear with a 87% Y 54% in your order.

After national channels, Telecafé is the third largest television medium frequency during the week, he 58% of respondents see the channel over 4 Days of the week, details the study.

The same report reveals that the news, without specifying your schedule, rank first tuning Channel with a preference 70%.

The study was conducted in 18 Eje Cafetero municipalities, in the towns of Santa Rosa de Cabal, La Virginia, sanctuary, Belen de Umbria, Quinchía, Salento, Filandia, Montenegro, La Tebaida, Genoa, Neira, La Dorada, gouaches, Viterbo and Pennsylvania, where Telecafé preference is highlighted in the region, only surpassed by private national channels, Caracol and RCN.


Financial situation

These results were disclosed in Pereira, by channel managers, where also he discussed projection profit entity at the end of the term 2017.

"Thanks to the changes made to the Statutes of Telecafé, where new activities included in its object, logistics operation became the most important revenue. During the second half of 2017 contracts were signed worth $26.613 millions of pesos, leaving a profit of approximately $1.954 millions of pesos. The projection utility is 516 million pesos at the end of the accounting year ", Jorge Calderon expressed, Financial coordinator.

According to the information provided by the manager Telecafé, Rotated Beatriz Gloria Hincapie, he 2018 It will be a challenging year, since the Law of Guarantees management requires a strong start of the year to sign inter-administrative agreements, but still the objective is to outperform 2017, both financially, as in production and programming.

"There is confidence of national entities to manage their resources and serve them in implementing them. We've had two consecutive years giving utilities so it is very important to us ", said Manager.


Telecafé: September audited by Bureau Veritas, with very positive results for Canal.

  • Recertification Systems Energy Management - ISO 50001:2011
  • Recertification of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008
  • Recertification Quality Management Systems for Public Entities NTCGP 1000:2009.

During the 2017 Telecafé fulfilled 25 years after the first signal emitted to air, whose holding academic forums and social contribution and special transmissions were included from the municipalities in the coffee with sporting events, fairs and concerts.

Telecafé headquarters in Risaralda House in Bogotá has been an important driving force for achieving the national level resources.

Thanks to the efforts being conducted by senior management, it was also possible that by the year 2018 Telecafé have higher prevalence in the grill Directv, from eight hours of daily programming 12.

Snail, RCN and Telecafé, the most watched channels in the region