Cerró convocatoria para la realización de documentales en Telecafé

Proposals selected access resources provided by the Antn through the upper FONTV 1150 millions of pesos.

With broad participation of producers and directors of the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda, officially he ended the call for conducting documentary series, Telecafé space has opened participation to give production houses the coffee region.

They were more than 28 companies involved in the production of audiovisual products such as Etnias, Inclusion, Coffee Cultural Landscape, Gastronomy, Flora and fauna, Myths and Legends and Youth, Technology and Innovation.

The manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, He highlighted the wide participation of bidders in this great convocation,

"It is a pleasure for us to find that more than 28 recognized companies want to be near Telecafé, this call leaves us very satisfied and talk about the great time living regional television, because we constitute a great alternative content compared to commercial television "

In the coming days through www.telecafe.gov.co will be announced selected proposals.

He is closing call for making documentaries in Telecafé