Con éxito iniciaron las nuevas producciones de Telecafé

Axis characters, Women who inspire and Burrócratas are new products that came to enrich the programming grid Canal.

Both products began airing this week with good feedback from viewers, and they are highlighting facts and figures in the region.

Axis characters is the series of thirteen documentaries that began airing last Monday 16 July at nine p.m., about the life and work of the most select group of personalities who excelled in the twentieth century and contributed to the greatness and renown of the Department of Caldas.

According to its makers, This is a project funded by the ANTV agile and versatile format, with testimonies of descendants and historians, widely knowledgeable of the brilliant career of the protagonists.

The realization was in charge of the company SHAFT 360, a media company guided by a young group dedicated to television production. The overall production was in charge of journalist Germán Ríos Martinez was responsible for the librettos and selection of fonts and characters.

Mujeres que inspiran

Meanwhile, Women who inspire, it began broadcasting from Tuesday 17 July and aims to highlight and pay tribute to those women who, through their professions, trades and labor, They stand out as examples of life, they have earned new spaces in today's society, in the most important areas generating development in the Coffee, through technology, politics, The science, the economy and the arts.

Son 13 stories, each narrated manner from their surroundings testimonial, as a tribute to a different character.

Para “Mujeres que inspiran” se propone el género documental como una forma atractiva y clara de contar desde la experiencia personal de cada una de las protagonistas, the most important events of their lives, developed within contexts that create a personal bond.

"Each of the chapters will form first-person testimonial, through their own unique experiences, lo que hará a la audiencia cómplice de cada una de sus vivencias. Las imágenes de apoyo se utilizarán como soporte para representar el punto de vista de las protagonistas, the way they interact with their environment; in the same way, the sound will also become crucial support of their experiences by capturing everyday moments ", They reported from production.


Burrócratas fue otro de los estrenos de Telecafé, this product become part of calls for stimulus of the National Television Authority independent producers; The story focuses on two incompatible and asocial detectives who are forced to work together to solve crimes that nobody is interested and that are intended to powdering on the desktop prosecutor. The unusual efficiency of the two detectives in addressing each case becomes a bugbear for a decadent institution, whose ultimate interest is to put it to fulfill their duty.

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Given: Now you can also enjoy Telecafé signal in Claro Satellite Service in the channel 122; otro importante logro que nos acerca a los televidentes.

Successfully initiated new productions of Telecafé