Con gran éxito se estrenó la superproducción Los Yipis en Telecafé

The series began airing on screens since last Telecafé 21 October at 5:30 pm.

Its contents are healthy, educational and fun, which makes them a suitable production for all audiences and although it is product aimed at local public and Colombian, the beauty of the landscapes and the many stories that live around the world of coffee and land that embraces, They make it an attractive product for audiences outside our country, Gabriel explained Castrillón, director of the play.

They also noted from production each viewer enter into the lives of jeeps, in his house, at work, in relation to each other, a non-aggressive manner but, through a camera will allow insight into how they live these characters dedicated to making our culture something to show the world.

It is a series docureality 10 half-hour episodes made with the highest quality standards.

Telecafé co-produced with Praticamente, winning company of the India Catalina award for best new television format, with the support of the Coffee Cultural Landscape program of the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

It is a project costing 330 millions of pesos.

Stand out from the same production house that music will be original. “These are pieces that mix Colombian Andean rhythms (aisle, Bmbucho, whirlwind, Guabina) with instruments adopted more modern and rock'n'roll. different subjects will be made each with a different emotional intension, so that each moment has its specific music”.

Meanwhile the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie said that since the Canal there is great expectation for the good levels of audience that has already shown the work in the first two chapters and the work of a serious and responsible producer.

Caicedonia, Pijao, Córdoba, Calarcá, Armenia, Filandia, Quimbaya, Salento,Montenegro, Circasia, Pereira, Marsella, Santa Rosa de Cabal, dosquebradas, Apía, sanctuary, Anserma, Riosucio, gouaches, Salamina, Manizales, Chinchiná, are the municipalities that will visit Los jeeps.

Blockbuster successfully premiered in Los jeeps Telecafé