Abierta Convocatoria FONTV 2017

Bogotá, March 22 from 2017 – National Television Authority opens its call for promoting and financing
for the production of audiovisual content for television 2017 and invites participating service operators
TV public non-profit open (locales) and closed (Community), producing companies
audiovisual content and new creators and ethnic groups have the technical capacity and
operative for production of audiovisual content.
The call will receive proposals until next 28 April at 11:00 a.m., dispose of $2.700 millions
which they will be used to deliver 19 stimuli in three categories to promote and encourage the production of
audiovisual content of public interest.
No category. 1
Operators of public television service non-profit open (locales) and closed (Community)
For the production of:
• A series narrated that reflects the history and culture of the country for a maximum amount of $158,9 millions.
• Two sets of animated fiction, aimed at young people, thematic training in securities by a
maximum funding for each series $260,8 millions.
No category. 2
For the production of:
• Four new television drama series, minimum of four chapters each for a maximum of
$350,3 million each series.
• Two chapters unit developed new fiction creators for a maximum amount of funding
$59,5 millions. Note that if the producer chooses animated format, its realization should
be in 3D.
No category. 3
ethnic groups constituted under the Act and that are recognized by the competent authority.
For the production of:
• Ten unit documentaries that tell the physical and religious cosmology of ethnicity and / or its musical wealth and / or
gastronomical, and cultural value to society, for a maximum value of financing $50 millions. As
in the previous category if the producer chooses an animated format, its realization should be in 3D.
From 22 and the 31 March interested parties may submit comments to the notice in the mail
[email protected] or on the premises of the entity (Street 72 No. 12 – 77 Floor 5 - Coordination
Legal), in the city of Bogota.
He 10 April published responses to these observations.
He 31 May final results will be published.
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Open Call FONTV 2017