Corazón Violeta, próximo estreno de Telecafé

The Quindio production will begin transmitting from next 12 March had a superior investment 469 millions of pesos, resources were managed by Telecafé before the National Television Authority.

Producers and directors of the series highlights this is the story of Violeta Vallejo Giraldo, a young woman who has discovered in dance its raison d'etre, but must to face the challenges imposed by his family, his mother, a woman severe and demanding, you want your daughter to continue the family business. Violet inspired by the poetry of Carmelina Soto, is the key to cope and move forward with your dreams.

The eight-part series will air Monday through Friday from Tuesday at nine pm and it will also be screened by digital media platforms.

"Telecafé continues betting on the success we've had with the series fiction and viewers increasingly demand this type of content we. The first approach was Cimarrona, Then came Madremonte and recently have released the history of the Black Charrito, Eureka, Dying of Love and has us found interesting exercise; the previous year were more than eight thousand millions of pesos, resources that we get us from Bogota, managing and presenting interesting projects, so interesting that in the last three years we have achieved over 50 billion pesos for technology investment and content and this year we hope to have better results ", Gloria concluded Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Telecafé manager.

Purple heart, upcoming release of Telecafé