Cubrimiento de Telecafé en la tragedia de Manizales ha sido reconocido por los televidentes

Through digital platforms, social networks and phone calls, people have thanked the media accompanying the tragedy.

(Manizales, 20 April 2017) "Thank you thank you very much for your excellent accompaniment to the victims of this tragedy and to express my gratitude very special way by also consider the puppies, excellent journalists humans ", Ronny Morales wrote for message on Facebook.

"Very good coverage congratulations", Lina replied Valenzuela in this platform, like Alirio José Londoño, who wrote "excellent transmission. All Manizales ", in this social network.

The digital channel area is responding congratulations, comments, Photographs, videos and calls for help that have been expected.

"From the early hours of the tragedy that the city mourns over 16 dead people, several missing and homeless, The information system was activated Telecafé, with almost continuous transmission over programming where victims have been heard, Canal authorities and became the bridge of communication and help in the midst of the crisis ", said the manager of Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, while he is acknowledging the work of the technical and human resources.

Telecafé has supported other national media such as Canal Capital and Cablenoticias, among others.

"Since my arrival at Canal I identified the need for a contingency plan and information system to put the microphones, cameras and our technical capacity to serve the community and that's what we've done. Le solicité al área de producción no escatimar en tiempo al aire y recursos para atender la prioridad del momento y ese plan y esos protocolos establecidos que fueron socializados y aprobados en un comité, are those who allowed us to have effective response ", He explained Giraldo Hincapie.

Telecafé covering the tragedy of Manizales has been recognized by viewers