El programa del Deportivo Pereira vuelve a Telecafé

Este año Tribuna Matecaña tendrá un ingrediente especial. Por el renovado set pasarán técnicos, jugadores profesionales, members of sports training schools, there will be chronic, interviews and all the latest "Big Matecaña, including the women's team, sub 17 and 20 ".

"The program will air Thursdays at 9:30 night for frequencies Telecafé. We are all very grateful for the support shown by the Canal and its manager Dr. Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie; y sobre los detalles que podemos contar queremos decir que vamos a tener interacción de los hinchas a través de redes sociales, with managers and players ", detailed Alejandro Cardona, press officer Deportivo Pereira.

In turn the Channel Manager stressed that it is an agreement that began last year, which she had its back with the arrival to the media.

"From Telecafé everything we emphasize our, and Deportivo Pereira is the team loves, we make a lot of strength, They come at a great time at our grill, clasificando primero y estamos muy a la expectativa para que este año se dé el ascenso a la primera división del fútbol profesional colombiano; we have been there and we will be showing him all the support Deportivo Pereira ", said Giraldo Hincapie.

Meanwhile from the area of ​​production and programming they highlighted the Canal has a similar agreement with the Once Caldas and has tried to do the same with the Deportes Quindio.

The program returns to Deportivo Pereira Telecafé