En Pereira se realizó mesa de trabajo sobre Ley de Infancia y Adolescencia

In the space generated by the National Television Authority, Telecafé Canal and the University Foundation of the Andean Area, Pereira, se realizó el taller que tuvo como objetivo la capacitación a comunicadores sociales y periodistas en los retos de la narrativa audiovisual frente a la Ley de Infancia y adolescencia.

The event was attended by Suzy Sierra, civil society representative to the National Television Board who described the figures as worrying Colombia presents infringement of rights of children, and adolescents.

"It is essential that converse on this issue to know the rights of children and to guarantee them go route", He stressed the representative of the National Television Board.

In turn the manager Telecafé Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie highlighted the training provided by the ANTV on issues of content, copyright and digital challenges, among others.

"We are delivering the tools communicators and journalists to be assertive in their reports and therefore appreciate the valuable support of the Authority", the manager pointed Telecafé.

Pereira desk was performed on Children and Adolescents Act