Llega la gran final de Mega Estrella Diverti2 Fundadores Telecafé

The event will be televised this Saturday from three p.m..

(Manizales, 25 April 2017) Mega Estrella Diverti2 es un programa concurso del Canal Telecafé y el Centro Comercial Fundadores, which seeks to give space to young musical promises of the region.

"In Telecafé is a priority to support the talents of the region, we do through sports and music competition programs, you find in our programming, events like the Copa Telecafé, sports broadcasts and others like the New Star Popular Song and of course Mega Star Divertid2 where children have the opportunity to show their talents ", He said Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Channel manager.

Participated this year children from 7 años de edad que empezaron a mostrar su talento y en esta versión se contó con la participación de más de 100 concursantes de los diferentes municipios del Triángulo del Café.

Participants evoked great successes of music 60, 70 Y 80, balada pop y hasta ranchera.

For the grand finale to be broadcast by Canal Telecafé Saturday 29 of April, there will be musical performances from Jennifer and Juanse, former participants of the voice kids, as well as winners from previous versions of Mega Star Funny Founders.

Since the Telecafé Canal and prepares the video clip winner of the previous version of Mega Star, Jennifer Ramírez con su éxito pensaste.

Comes the grand finale of Star Mega Diverti2 Founders Telecafé