Inició proceso de recertificación en Telecafé

The Telecafé Canal in order to continue its improvement process first opened a follow-up visit with ISO 9001 of the 2008 and ISO 50001 of the 2015 en las cuales se encuentra certificado.

"Being certified ISO 9001 Y 50001 is a breakthrough for our company for the implementation of this beneficial changes such as increased productivity are given, improved training and qualification of employees due to the provision of better documentation and gives good control processes ", Milena said Angela Sanchez, auditora interna y coordinadora del área de evaluación control y mejora.

The activity will be for two days; be audited in the morning to the evaluation process improvement and control and in the afternoon the marketing process and resource management, on the second day it is to audit morning in production processes and technologies, and in the afternoon will close with the process of addressing.

"It is important to recognize the great effort made by the company to fulfill all items and requirements for certification of these standards and implementing them, which has resulted in a high level performance and control processes to channel ", Calderon said Jorge Enrique Gonzales, by management representative and coordinator of the administrative and financial area.

The main channels of communication and that will be in constant accompaniment for the performance of the audit will be the coordinator of the monitoring and evaluation by the management representative for the leadership and management, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

He began recertification process in Telecafé