Telecafé has a staff committed to quality; operating from the three studies in Pereira, Armenia and Manizales; Regional human resource Canal strives to deliver excellent TV, and for making Telecafé, Expression of Us.

In Telecafé management it is where they develop the policies outlined by the Administrative Board. As an entity attached to the ANTV attends regulatory guidelines in the field of programming and content. As head of the organization is responsible for all act before the control entities and society (viewers) -Manager: Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

It is the dependence on Canal Regional Telecafé, which is responsible for providing legal assistance to the Canal in all matters relating to recruitment, Legal consulting care, development of the various administrative acts ordered by management and monitoring and care processes in which the entity is plaintiff or defendant. -General secretary: Fernando Martin Garcia Montoya.

Area in charge of coordinating the human and financial resources of the entity. He also is responsible for formulating plans, strategies and actions aimed at efficient management and use of financial resources. -Administrative and financial coordinator: Jorge Enrique González Calderón.

Production area and Programming Telecafé, It is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all programs broadcast on Channel, looking for viewers and customers, quality products that will meet the information needs, educational and entertainment. From the programming area they are intended and organize the contents of the programs and their arrangement on the grill Telecafé. Production Area carrying handles from the three stages comprising an audiovisual production, Pre Production, Production and Postproduction, having trained to carry out programs in different genres technical and human resources. So that, Area Production and Programming Telecafé is able to design and produce programs tailored to the needs of our viewers and making audiovisual works as commercial, corporate videos, videoclip’s, among others, with the highest levels of quality and standards required by Broadcasting.-Coordinator of Production and Programming: Ana Milena Alzate Valencia.

Technical Area of ​​Telecafé handles issuance processes and Signal Transmission, reaching viewers after a long process. maintenance, coverage, operation stations, among others are the key areas in which the team is focused workspace interest. - Technical Coordinator: Carolina Rios Ocampo.

It is in charge of advertising and commercial management of pautantes of the region and country; possibility offered by the satellite signal carrying messages and advertisements to viewers in Colombia and the world. The image of Our Canal transcends borders, and the Commercial and Marketing strength is and will announce well. -Sales and Marketing Coordinator: Héctor Hernán Tabares Loaiza.

Advisory Office Telecafé Internal Control is responsible for implementing the Internal Control System, responsible for measuring and evaluating efficiency, efficiency and economy of different areas of the Entity, advising management of the Company in the continuity of the administrative process, reevaluation of the established plans and the introduction of corrective measures to fulfill the goals or planned objectives. Internal Control System: The Internal Control System of Regional Channel Telecafé is composed of the scheme of the organization system and set of plans, methods, beginning, rules, procedures and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms adopted by the Company for, administrative part of the cycle, reasonably ensure that all its activities, operations, performances, as well as information management and resources, They are conducted in accordance with the laws, within the prescribed policies and objectives and targets scheduled to fulfill its mission. All previous, according to the principles of equality, morality, effectiveness, economy, swiftness, impartiality, advertising and valuation of environmental costs. Coordinating Committee Internal Control System: The Coordinating Committee of Internal Control System Telecafé, It is formed by the Manager or his designee, General secretary, Heads of Area of ​​the Entity and Internal Control Advisor, who attends meetings with voice, but no vote and serves as Technical Secretary of the Committee, and is responsible for recommending guidelines for determining, implantation, adaptation, complementation and permanent improvement of the Internal Control System, in accordance with existing rules and characteristics of the entity. - Advisory Office of Internal Oversight: Angela Milena Andrade Sánchez.

Communications advice is to propose strategies to an approach both the internal public as external audiences, and mainstream information towards institutional progress in terms of image and identity. - Communications consultant and Digital Communication: Yhon Fredy Franco Betancourth.