REGIONAL -identity: All our actions and behaviors are characterized by commitment and belonging to the region.

-TEAMWORK: Seamlessly we work together to achieve a common goal.

-SERVICE ATTITUDE: We focus all our efforts to discover, know and meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

-AUTOCONTROL: We control our behavior, in order to optimize the resources of the organization.


-COMMITMENT: We go beyond duty, we transcend the rules and the duty to be, to achieve future goals.
-ETHIC: The integrity, righteousness and respect for people characterize all our actions.
-HONESTY: We anticipate transparent business, neatly, decency and honesty, relying on clear rules of duty, consolidated ethical standards and fair conduct.
-RESPONSIBILITY: We fulfill our commitments without straying from our main objective.
-RESPECT: We recognize the worth and that of others and always use a friendly.
-PERTENENCIA: We assume the duties for which we were hired with responsibility and love, always focusing on the quality of Canal.
- DISCIPLINE: Demand from managers for compliance with internal rules and regulations, under guidelines established order and, in order to achieve the desired objectives.