Telecafé Ltda., as Regional Television Channel is a partnership between public entities, organized as Industrial and Commercial State, the national level, providing the service of public television in the Colombian Coffee region and which are partners Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda, infi Manizales, Infider, University of Quindio and the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications.

"We are television for integration, for the development of our region, the country and the world "


He 20 from December to 1984, with the issuance of Decree 3100 proffered by the Ministry of Communications, by which a free hand was given to the creation of regional channels and considering that some enterprising citizens and Patricia Suárez, Eleonora Robledo, José Luis Londoño Arango, Ignacio Restrepo Arboleda Abondano and Luis Fernando González, They envisioned the need to promote new projects for social and economic recovery, the project to create a regional channel for the Colombian Coffee Axis began.
This project was submitted for consideration and approval before members of the National Television Council, who approved the creation of a company that integrates social, economically and culturally to the inhabitants of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda.

TV company CALDAS, RISARALDA and Quindio Ltda.

He 29 November 1990 Television Society changed Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio Ltda. Telecafé Ltda .., It is integrated by Inravisión and the Departments named. income Caldas Department by the Government of Caldas and public companies Manizales ratified, Risaralda Department with the Government of Risaralda and Quindio represented by the governor of Quindio and the University of Quindio, with equal contributions each of these departments. After the signing of the Public Deed, He was raffled a "face seal" the headquarters of the Regional channel, accounting for the Department of Caldas said seat, Risaralda Department Management and the Department of Quindio Submanagement.
The opening ceremony of emissions was carried out 17 October 1992, with a live and direct, originated from Manizales Theater Founders.

Managers who have had the Regional Channel since its inception Telecafé, They are as follows:

Elvira Escobar Restrepo: May of 1989 to December 1990.
Fabián Salazar Arboleda: January of 1991 to October 1992
Fabio Olmedo Palacio V: October of 1992 to February 1993
Brown Javier Mejia: February of 1993 to January 1998
Adriana Maria Wolf Fourth: January of 1998 to January 2001
Juan Manuel Lara Lenis: January of 2001 to February 2003
Andres Arango Echeverri: February of 2003 to January 2004
Alberto López Marín: March of 2004 to August 2005
Jorge Alberto Marín López: August 2005 to April 2008
Jorge Eduardo Urrea Giraldo: June 2008 to February 2012
Ricardo Gómez de la Roche: February 2012 to February 2016
Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie: February 2016 - till the date


  • Year 1984: Ministry of communications, He cleared the way for the creation of regional channels.
  • Year 1990: Television Society Caldas is created, Risaralda and Quindio Telecafé Ltda.
  • Year 1992: Telecafé airs.
  • Year 2000: Opening television studio in the city of Pereira.
  • Year 2003: Administrative and Operational Headquarters Telecafé is inaugurated in the city of Manizales.
  • Year 2004: Inauguration of television studio in the city of Armenia.
  • Year 2005: Mobile Unit Acquisition.
  • Year 2006: the launch of the satellite signal was performed Telecafé.
  • Year 2007: Telecafé is certified by the company Bereau Veritas, with ISO 9001:2000 and NTGP 1000:2004.
  • Year 2008: broadcast programming was automated Telecafé.
  • Year 2012: Purchase new digital archiving system unique in Latin America.
  • Year 2012: Mobile Unit acquisition WEB.
  • Year 2012: AVIWEST ​​acquisition system for video transmission 3G and 4G LTE.