La ANTV realizará mesa de trabajo en Pereira sobre Ley de Infancia y Adolescencia

The activity called the guarantee of the rights of children and adolescents, the challenge of audiovisual narrative, It will be made next 30 November at the premises of the University Foundation of the Andean Area from eight o'clock.

In this table issues related to social responsibility of the audiovisual sector in the light of current legislation and regulation they will work.

"We want to build with people who are concerned with the issue of protecting the rights of children, and adolescents in such a sensitive issue such as covering or registration information, por eso consideramos de suma importancia los aportes que nos puedan hacer para el análisis los profesionales de la comunicación y como los medios pueden hacer un cubrimiento responsables sobre lo que ven nuestros niños”, Mora said Angela Soto, director of ANTV.

The invitation is open to social communicators and journalists in the coffee, especially Risaralda, audiovisual producers, students and law related careers to participate in this event carried out by the National Television Authority with the support of the University Foundation of the Andean Area and Canal Telecafé.

Las personas interesadas pueden confirmar asistencia al correo electrónico [email protected]é.tv y al WhatsApp 314 462 10 38

ANTV perform the work table in Pereira on Children and Adolescents Act