La ANTV y Telecafé realizarán el tercer ciclo de la Tele De Todos

• The training is aimed at producers, filmmakers, directors, students, teachers and all stakeholders in the audiovisual production.
• The activity will take place on Tuesday 13 June in the exhibition hall of the University Foundation Area Andina-Pereira, Street 24 N° 8 – 55.

According to the Coordination of Contents National Television Authority, "La Tele de Todos project continues accompanying the channels of public television system for updating digital convergence on issues, priority for the National Television Authority ".

In the third cycle of the project, It will start with a didactic presentation of the Colombian regulatory framework, comprising classification television service in the country, structure and responsibilities of regulators and structure ANTV.

As input for planning projects audiovisual channels, It will be continued with an overview of audiovisual consumption in Colombia, based on the most recent data, compiled entities and audience analysis company and the General Media Study.

The training session will focus on transmedia narratives and the main features of a multiplatform project from the audiovisual aspect. They will be presented practical aspects, such as planning and development of a script or transmedia map, prosumption promoting and interactivity.

Meanwhile the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, He said that for Canal staff have been very important the training offered by the Authority and is working on the implementation of each to exploit them in the best way.

"We understand the current market dynamics, and we must also be clear at the forefront and new forms of consumption and this scenario allows us to train people who want to participate in our public announcements, ie support documentary filmmaking with resources ANTV and obviously improve working skills of our human talent ", said the Manager.

8:30: Presentation of the cycle, by Gabriel Levy Bravo.
8:45: Colombian regulatory framework. Silvana Arbeláez Bateman
10:00: Panorama of audiovisual consumption in Colombia. Gabriel Levy Bravo
10:45: Break
11:00: Structure of a script or transmedia map. Exposure and activity. Sergio A. Urquijo Morales
13:00: conclusion.

Profiles of participants by ANTV

Gabriel Levy
Social Communicator Journalist of the University of Antioquia, specializing in the FUMC Multimedia and Communication doctoral studies at the National University of Rosario, Argentina.

Content current coordinator of the National Television Authority of Colombia. Executive Secretary of the Platform for audiovisual sector regulators in Latin America - PRAI and academic coordinator Andinalink.

Teaching university researcher in the area of ​​communications and telecommunications, specializing in digital television, hypermedia, multimedia, convergence, ICT and digital communication in Externado University of Colombia.

digital strategist, with expertise in planning, strategy design and supervision of social networks, with experience as a manager in various organizations and companies in the telecommunications sector in Colombia.

Silvana Arbeláez Bateman
Social communicator – journalist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Management specialist Polytechnic Grancolombiano. He earned his master's degree in Peace, Development and Citizenship of the Minute of God University.

He is currently an advisor to the Office of the National Television Authority from the Coordination of Contents.

With 20 years of professional experience in the sector, He has worked in Communications and Press in the Official Bogota Fire Department, Mayor of Santa Marta and Andres Bello.
Canal Capital, between 2004 Y 2011, He was coordinator of the areas of Programming and Production, as well as general producer of Channel Information Services.

As a journalist and producer he has worked on shows like I, Jose Gabriel, RCN; The Diana, Super Radio; The Firefly, Caracol Radio; Live news and TV programming today and Krypton.

Sergio Urquijo
social communicator – journalist at the University of Antioquia, and Master of Science from the University of Sao Paulo.

He works as a researcher and consultant in digital television and transmedia in the National Television Authority, entity which has generated documents, guides and scholarly books.
He has worked in print media, radio and television, especially in the area of ​​science and trade press. With experience in production and screenwriting at local and thematic channels, since 2013 he works as a science writer at the University of Antioquia and as a researcher and lecturer in digital television. He is a professor and project consultant of expertise in Digital TV from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin.

ANTV and Telecafé made the third cycle of Tele All