La Zona Cafetera también recibe la TDT

(Armenia, 18 of September) El municipio de la Tebaida (Quindio) será el próximo beneficiado con 2.000 decodificadores gratuitos en el marco del proyecto territorios TDT

The director of the National Television Authority, Angela Maria Mora Soto, officially he announced the selection of Tebaida, Quindio as TDT territory.

In a meeting with the mayor, Rosa Patricia Buitrago Giraldo, officials of the Government of Risaralda, media and the coffee area manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, la Directora de la ANTV explicó en qué consiste el programa Territorios TDT y anunció una inversión de más de 650 million pesos that will benefit 200 Tebaida homes.

La TDT es la Televisión convencional pero en alta de definición. La TDT es lo que conocemos como la señal de televisión abierta, National free higher quality picture and sound, Angela said Mora, while noting that only required to enjoy have compatible receiver and antenna.

In turn, the manager of Canal Telecafé Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapé expressed satisfaction and gratitude to the ANTV and the National Television Board have taken into account the Canal and the municipality of La Tebaida, only in the coffee for the realization of such a project "for us is a breakthrough and Telecafé is very important, we as Regional Channel, we will continue fighting for the community, especially those most in need which is where this service will reach TDT ", he added.

TDT territories is funded by the European Union, a través del cual se beneficia a la población más vulnerable para que puedan disfrutar de esta señal gratuita en alta definición. La Junta Nacional de Televisión escogió los 21 beneficiary municipalities, among which it stands out La Tebaida in Quindio.

With an investment of more than 650 millions of pesos, will be delivered installed kits TDT signal reception (deco and antenna) in 2000 This town homes benefiting the 21% de la población que no tiene recursos para financiar la TV paga

The choice of the beneficiary families will be carried out directly ANTV listing SISBEN, household level 1 they do not have pay TV.

"It's good to remember that today in the municipality and the TDT signal is and everyone can enjoy. Enjoy DTT is very easy, who have an oldie TV they will connect one DVBT2 decoder and an antenna and those with TVs latest technology should check if you already have DTT included, for which only need to connect the antenna ", He stressed the Director.

With DTT everyone can watch their favorite programs with better picture and sound totally free. The Tebaidenses will enjoy 11 channels: 7 private channels: 4 RCN, 3 Caracol; 3 national public channels ( Colombia signal, canal 1 y CI Tv y 6 radio stations: RCN Basic, FM, Blu, La Kalle, Radionics and Radio Nacional de Colombia.

Finally the director of the National Television Authority, He announced that installation kits reception starts in the municipality from the 1 week of October.


Coffee Zone also receives DTT