Llega a Telecafé Al Grano Con Gloria Be

Un espacio donde los más importantes personajes del país y la región contarán detalles de sobre su vida personal y profesional.

“Al Grano Con Gloria B” pretende mostrar lo mejor de cada invitado a través de charlas y un dialogo ameno con el estilo característico y cordial de la conductora del programa que será la gerente actual del medio de comunicación, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

According to the statement by Ana Milena Alzate, head of production and programming Telecafé, the idea is that the channel has a space of opinion, analysis, interviews, led by coordinating content which also current topics of general interest are dealt with its own editorial line of the media.

"The program is constructed type dialog information or capsules five minutes and will be broadcast schedule settings, el contenido se empezará a proyectar a partir de este lunes a las 7:30 of the night", He said.

In turn the manager said that this responsibility is very pleased to take, work that seeks to make height and professionalism.

"Several personalities will be sharing with us, we want to make a fun and ideal for the whole family program and the viewer can learn new details about the life of our guests ", Giraldo Hincapie highlighted.

Monsignor Fabio Suescún, military bishop and CEO of the Pope's visit, será el primer personaje que estará en Al Grano Con Gloria Be.

Telecafé reaches the point with Glory Be