Llega “Sin Límites”, un viaje por el emprendimiento y la tecnología

In our channel reaches "No Limits", one transmedia series that seeks to make visible to technology entrepreneurs in the coffee, presented by actor Jimmy Vasquez; this series is funded by and produced by Axis ANTV 360.
It consists of a series of television 13 chapters, viewers can watch programming on the channel from Telecafé 4 al 25 November at 9:00 p.m. further, as part of the transmedia strategy will have a mobile application, website and social networks.

The website integrates all content developed for the project (television, web, application and digital platforms). Visitors will find in this video, images, audios, and may interact with the protagonists, who will motivate them to continue to undertake.

As well, an interactive mobile application that developed Internet users will find the 13 profiles, with photos of each of the protagonists of technological projects and detailed information about these success stories. Likewise, will include educational games such as crosswords, spelling games, Logic Games, among others.

digital platforms will be used as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to publish audiovisual content and graphic pieces with tips, Technology news and articles. In this space technology heroes tell their life stories, and give recommendations and advice to future entrepreneurs in the country.

For the selection of 13 entrepreneurs in the three departments: Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda, They took into account technological developments, the life stories, and the challenges and projections. Then, know who these 13 Heroes of the region that we will see very soon.

1.Carolina Perez – Genius
2.Emma Mesa – Maquiempanadas
3.Ivan Zapata – Warex
4.Adrian Rivera – Laden
5.Camila Garcia – art 3D
6.Jhon Jairo Rodriguez – Ecosoltec
7.Cristián González – Freak Studio
8.Jhonatan Aranzazu – Wixflix
9.Juan Jose Mejia – Drinkers
10.Juan David Builes – Anomaly
11.Juan David Montes – taxi
12.Paula Duque – inag
13.Alejandro Marín – AM Studio

And it is that "Limitless" emerges in order to encourage and motivate young people to take, to face the new challenges of technology at regional level, National and international. "This series will generate many benefits for all citizens, because we seek in addition to the rating, bet on innovation and impact on all people who see us ", Gloria says Beatriz Giraldo, Channel manager Telecafé.

Do not miss this trip for entrepreneurship and technology!

Comes "Without Limits", a journey through entrepreneurship and technology