Madremonte, la nueva serie ficción del Canal Telecafé

As reported by the Axis producer 360, Madremonte is a five-part series, that seeks to rescue the myths and legends of the coffee culture. This series will be issued from 10 December at 9:00 night by Telecafé.

"The story is starring renowned actress Natalia Durán, who has participated in national and international productions; Besides, It has Spanish actors as Alejandro Rodriguez, Eduardo Martin, Aroha Hafez, Orianna Barboza and talent in the region ", He explained Nicolas Cifuentes, Executive manager of Axis 360.

"Madremonte promises to be a high quality product that consolidates Hub 360 as one of the producers of television stronger coffee region and country, it has the operational capacity to perform any audiovisual product ", Cifuentes highlighted.

Similarly reported production series for its realization had a team of more than 40 people with experience in the audiovisual, who have worked nationally and internationally in series, soap operas, reality shows and movies.

In turn the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, He expressed appreciation to the National Authority for Television and explained that this production is part of the calls that opened the Canal, which it was no arbitration proposals for a series of family-fiction $255 million pesos approximately.

"Of the 8.709 million pesos invested this year in production, he 26% They were allocated to public calls, he 24% special projects, he 15% to co-productions and only 35% to own production; which it is a clear example that we are believing and supporting the regional industry ", He highlighted the Manager.

She added that the same, "In the last two years Telecafé has won four national awards for journalism products and producers that emit their content for our screens".

The Madremonte was recorded in September in one of the typical coffee farms in the region, which they highlight its architecture, its history and distinctive Coffee Cultural Landscape.

Madremonte, the new series fiction Channel Telecafé