Manizales, Pereira y Armenia, Telecafé revitalizará su imagen

He explained the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, makeover that seeks to generate greater integration in the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda; y hacer ver a Telecafé como un canal más moderno y digital.

"Since the beginning of the year we are working on changing image and graphics package, We modify some programs, launched new and even, update set's. Regarding the big brand, Telecafé, we will have more dynamic colors, more interaction of our talent and something very important, We are about to launch mobile application, that since last year we have been announcing and a website that will aim to promote content ", He highlighted the Manager.

According to the same official, the event in Armenia, will start on five p.m., where attendees at Unicentro Mall and Telecafé viewers may be learned firsthand what Telecafé has prepared for them.

"It will be a live show, with music, special guests, artists and we disclose new that bring our programs, we hope that will please all age groups, because we changed, but we are still the channel Expression of our”, He said.

Within the offer Telecafé programming for next season it is planned to promote regional industry, several documentaries to be funded through the National Television Authority, whose calls will be published in the coming days.

Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, Telecafé revitalize his image