Medellín será la sede de ExpoCAMACOL 2018

Antioquia showed an increase of 18 % real estate sales; Besides, They were sold 22.286 new housing units with results exceeding the $4.3 trillion.

With the participation of businessmen from the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, among others. Medellin is the epicenter of the edition 23 from ExpoCAMACOL 2018, event to be held 22 al 25 of August. You can check your calendar here.

Among the novelties that this version will Expocamacol Germany stands out as guest, Thanks to his leadership and development in technology issues, Sustainability and innovation.

According to data published by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of that country, about 10% German GDP is allocated annually to construction, which positions the country "Teuton" as European leader in the production sector.
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Medellin will host Expocamacol 2018