Mincultura estrena en Canal Telecafé el documental “Bibliotecas Públicas de Colombia Servicios que unen comunidades”

The impact of Operation Public Library P.A.P.A the municipality of Quimbaya (Quindio) and the power of transformation that it has been achieved in your community, you will see next Thursday 5 October at 9:00 p.m. in the Telecafé Canal.

The documentary film format, conducted by the Ministry of Culture and the National Library of Colombia, Quindio modeled the library in providing innovative services that are deployed from 2016 more than a thousand public libraries in the country.

Bogotá, October of 2017. Las voces de cuatro amigos de la Biblioteca Pública Municipal Operación P.A.P.A, located in Quimbaya (Quindio), and recognized in 2016 by the Ministry of Culture as one of the best in the country, son las protagonistas del documental “Public libraries in Colombia services linking communities”, que se estrena el próximo 5 October at the Telecafé Canal.

Hernando Gomez Londoño, as a public librarian Quimbaya; and children Jaider González Jiménez, Kela González and Jesús González Londoño, Municipal alcaldito, show us a recognized and beloved by his community library and thanks to its programs and services has managed to build a sense of belonging among all the inhabitants of this municipality Quindio.

The Municipal Public Library Operation P.A.P.A., cuya sigla significa “think, act, persevere, help“, It was selected 2016 by the Ministry of Culture as one of the four best in the country, in the third version of the National Award for Public Libraries “Daniel Samper Ortega”. The jury highlighted the fact that “this library is a project of community identity, which features targeted programs that travel the streets and sidewalks looking for actors for their programs; as well as programs of civic culture that advances”.

The documentary film format, It was conducted in 2016 by the National Library of Colombia, under the National Plan for Reading and Writing Reading is my story. Its official opening took place at the V National Congress of Public Libraries, which it was held last October in Bogota, as part of the promotion strategy and positioning 1444 Public libraries in the country.

The production of 16 minute, It presents a library as a meeting, in which children and young people discover another view of the world. The documentary directed by Adriana Bernal Martinez, It highlights the role of the Friends of the Public Library Operation P.A.P.A that has managed to entrench stage as a leader in the development of innovative services, thanks to the commitment of the Ministry of Culture to transform public libraries in the country with the use and appropriation of ICT Project.

And a library that manages to summon the community and users of all ages is reflected around the Strategy innovative services from 2016 the Ministry of Culture develops over a thousand public libraries in the country: big questions, Fotografía y memoria y Cineforos. These services have enabled the municipality of Quimbaya have spaces that encourage dialogue and debate, Construction of local memory and generating sense of ownership.

Strategy Innovative Services registered, in the period March 2016 to August 2017, more of 687 thousand assists in all public libraries in the country.

“Public libraries in Colombia services linking communities”, se estrena el próximo jueves 5 October at 9:00 p.m. in the Telecafé Canal.


Report taken from: http://bibliotecanacional.gov.co/es-co/actividades/noticias/en-la-rnbp/mincultura-estrena-documental-impacto-bibliotecas-publicas


Mincultura opens in Canal Telecafé the documentary "Public Libraries in Colombia services linking communities"