3 burnt gunpowder in Caldas

Does not begin and December and the Caldas department reported 3 victims of powder handling, one of them died in the last hours.

It is Manuel Gonzalez Carmona 65 year old, who suffered heavy damages when handling an explosive device in Marmato, being seriously injured, which they led him to death in the St. Sophia hospital in Manizales.

Another victim is a minor 8 year old, which, according to information provided by the child's mother, He had picked up from the street a ballot that exploded in his hands, generating first-degree burns; The incident took place in the capital caldense.

But nevertheless, the first case was registered burned a man 38 years in Aguadas, who it was injured by burning tacos and ballots, suffering third-degree burns.

It is noteworthy that for some weeks municipal and departmental authorities launched prevention campaigns to burn the figure is zero, despite this, They have been presenting these cases.