Solidarity axis obtained National Prize for Journalism Cooperative

Axis Solidario program broadcast on the channel Telecafé won the National Journalism Award Cooperative by Equity Insurance Company in the television category.

Special Report "The generational change, a need for the cooperative sector "showed a situation faced by cooperatives nationwide; and participation is largely seniors 60 years in their institutions, and the lack of young people in the guild. El galardón fue recibido por Jessid López director del programa y Diana Carolina Reina realizadora audiovisual quienes se encargaron de la investigación y producción del trabajo televisivo.

The jury for qualifying productions consisted of: Fidel Cano, director of the newspaper El Espectador; Germán Santamaria, journalist and writer; Adriana Guzman, Director of Institutional Communication at the Universidad de la Sabana; Yesid Lancheros, news director of Channel Capital; Carlos Acero, Executive President of Colombia and Eduardo Confecoop currently sign defender viewer Arias Colombia.

Solidarity axis every Sunday airs at 12:30 P.M on channel Telecafé.