U suspended semester. National Manizales

Due to the cessation of academic activities initiated by the students of public universities in the country, National University in Manizales filed a modification in its academic calendar, this in order to ensure students continuing their studies despite the situation they are going through.

The dates presented by the directors of the institution, They are submitted from semester students who were studying at the time of entering into unemployment, that is to say, the second half of the year 2018, which will be resumed 16 of January of 2019 and will go to the 22 March 2019; If this is not true, semester could be canceled.

Meanwhile the first semester of 2019, begin in April and culminate in August of the same year; in the case of the second half of the term 2019 This would begin almost immediately, that is to say, in August and ending on 20 December of the following year.

The directives of the university noted that each week of unemployment continues to generate high costs in running the university, since maintenance and operation costs $150 Weekly million pesos.