Mercy workers demanding payment of back wages

In the midst of disaster prevention drill, conducted in the governorate of Quindio, several hospital workers Calarca Mercy held a protest to demand payment of four months of salary arrears.

Liliana Espinosa Cataño, nursing assistant and director of Sindes, said the hospital “We do not have as function, We do not have insunos, We do not have stationery, but we have no salaries for four months”.

This situation, Health Secretary Quindio, Augusto César Rincón Zuluaga, He confirmed that the provincial government filed a budgetary addition to the Assembly of Quindio by 1000 million pesos for the second level hospital in Calarca.

“The will of the deputies is complete. I have already met with several of them. One must understand that you have to fill some paperwork, a process of socialization before them. Then, sessions and the signing of the agreement between the Government and the hospital. We expect, and commitment is, that this week the process is made in the Assembly.

Before the announcement, spokesmen for the workers marched to the expectation of compliance efforts and delivery of resources.