Problems in coordinating the concert, the organizers of the presentation of the Spanish group "Wizard of Oz" artistic event canceled. Through a statement, employers indicated that starting Thursday returned "a high percentage of the ballot"; but nevertheless, Telecafé News investigated and managed to determine that employers must return the 100% the price of the tickets to those who bought.

Until Friday, information for fans of the band The Wizard of Oz was that the concert would be fulfilled on Sunday 25 November in Cenexpo, after it had been canceled on Friday 16. The organizers had sent a statement giving the news: “Entrepreneurs in charge of the group in Colombia, the Wizard of Oz concert will be rescheduled for Sunday 25 November in Cenexpo”. But nevertheless, on Sunday, hours before the show, another statement is met by social networks which reported a new cancellation: “logistical coordination established in recent days with the band, in which they relied to make the statement, They were not possible perform”.

Regarding the money back hundreds of people paid; Organizers say in its statement: “We have been forced to return a high percentage of the value of ballots, from Thursday”.
But nevertheless, Telecafé News consulted on the consumer's home and in the light of the Law 1480 from 2011 Consumer Statute or, employers should be clear on the information delivered to viewers. further, They should be supportive for the payment of ballots; that is to say, the viewer must return the 100% the price of the ticket.
Failure to comply money back, who paid for the failed concert they will denounce and sue in the consumer's home entrepreneurs. Telecafé News sought the failed event organizers, to know its version of the facts, but there was no response.