Life is a meme opens in Telecafé

From Wednesday June 6 will begin by presenting the series screens Telecafé "Life is a meme".

"Jimmy Pino is an unemployed young man who uses his failed life as inspiration to create memes on the Internet with which you try living with her parents forecasts, the ridicule of his friends and the indifference of the virtual community ", highlight this content from the programming area Canal.

The five-part series will air every Wednesday at 10 night and it is part of the calls for stimulus by the National Television Authority.

"Actors and important national tour size and the craziest and funniest scenes, It is what viewers enjoy life is a meme; we continue to support this type of content and that and have appropriate space for other programs of this type are planned by our Canal ", He explained Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Telecafé manager.