Hacker stole accounts Calarca

$83 million pesos were stolen by a hacker of the accounts of the municipality of Calarca. Resources equivalent to 50% the budget is delivered monthly to educational institutions in the municipality.

The mayor of Calarca, Yenny Trujillo Raise, He confirmed the theft through computer media $83 million pesos from the coffers of the town to the east of Quindio. The president added that virtual assailants were more than $300 millions of pesos.

“We hacked the accounts of the municipality. My treasurer received a call from Banco Davivienda to confirm a transaction. She, immediately, It was reported that no authorization for such transactions totaling aproximadame $300 millions of pesos. Theft could have been higher”.

Police are leading the investigation to find those responsible for the theft. This was confirmed by Colonel Luis Hernando Benavides, Police Commander Quindio: “Right now we are collecting a number of elements, evidentiary, making verification of security systems that used the mayor as well as banks and a number of own shares, ordered by the Attorney General's Office to continue this investigation.

The $83 million stolen equivalent to 50% of the resources used by the municipality for 14 educational institutions that locality.