Car bomb attack against police school in Bogota

Five dead and ten wounded, terrotista balance of a car bombing at the General Santander School

Mayor of Bogotá confirmed that the explosion occurred inside the General Santander Police College, It was recorded on 9 Y 30 in the morning and even the perpetrators of the terrorist act are unknown in a promotion ceremony.

Early versions indicate that a person reached the goal of the school and when he was stopped by security checks, He accelerated the vehicle and crashed against a wall. The driver is among the dead, Police sources said.

Witnesses and images broadcast by members of the institution show the remains of a cremated vehicle. The car that exploded was inside the school premises, located south of Bogotá and the point where officers of the National Police form.

enter both, health officials in Bogota reported that three of the injured were taken to hospital in El Tunal, and two of Olaya Polyclinic. So far no information on the status of patients is known.

President Ivan Duque, who he was in Quibdo (He crashed) with the military leadership in a security council, It is back to Bogota to take charge of the situation, This was announced through his Twitter account. Equally, Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez, rechazóe the incident and tweeted "We are accompanying our Cops".