Telecafé open public calls for 1.431 million pesos for the coffee producers

He explained the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie who can submit proposals from documentary series, game shows, special broadcasts, to fiction series and that these resources are part of the investment plan envisaged for this year; programs that later come to be part of the programming grid and can even be in other regional channels.

"It's a very big effort we are doing with the entire management team to achieve these important resources, monies that come to strengthen the creative industries, motivating generating direct and indirect employment in the region, And is that the 1.431 million pesos for public invitations, They add up 1.304 million pesos for three special projects and 1.104 million pesos we spend on co-productions, and other resources we have managed; therefore my appreciation to the team for the great development and relevance of projects and a very big thank you to all members of the National Board of Television and the ANTV are those who believe in these contents and Telecafé has been a great beneficiary ", The official stressed.

Public announcements: Series Documentales

The calls may occur not compromissary proposals for conducting documentary series 13 chapters and 24 minutes each for 93 millions 600 A thousand pesos:

1) Production and realization of a series documents showing step by step how big bill industrialized products made in the Coffee.

2) About people or bands that create the Coffee, adapt and interpret rhythms elsewhere.

3) Pointing to the farmer as a person, seeking to know not only the offices and field work but their lifestyle, their habits and customs.

4)Over the generations of the past 50 years.

5) Ethnic Minorities in the coffee.

6) Stories about immigrants from different countries who decided to stay in the coffee.

The closure for submitting proposals is not compromissary 17 May 2019 at ten o'clock.

Fiction Series:

Four calls are five chapters, (24 minutes each chapter) that are 255 million pesos each:

  • Production and realization of a fiction series for family audiences.
  • Production and realization of a series for young audiences.
  • Production and realization of a fiction series for young audience.
  • Production and realization of a fiction series for public defined by the proposer.

The closure of these calls is the 27 May 2019 at ten o'clock


  • Production and realization of forty (40) sports transmissions in the three provinces of the coffee by 288 millions of pesos. The closure of the call 24 April 2019. The closure of the call is at ten o'clock.

Similarly Manager Telecafé cleared in the coming hours they will also come at the invitation field program 120 million pesos and conducting a contest program 300 millions of pesos.

The conditions, calls and all details can be viewed at the following link: