More than eight thousand inhabitants of La Tebaida today enjoy good sign of the TDT

The arrival of the TDT Territories program to the municipality of Quindio was concretized with the installation of 2.000 kits TDT, 100 % funded under an agreement with the European Union.

The municipality of La Tebaida, in the department of Quindio, He was chosen by the National Board of Television (JNTV) as one of the 26 TDT territories in Colombia. This project benefited tebaidenses with free installation 2.000 kits TDT (decoder and antenna), favoring near 8.000 personas que no tenían cómo acceder a televisión por subscription y que están correctamente inscritos en Sisben 1 Y 2.

This was announced by the director of the National Television Authority (quiz), Angela Maria Mora Soto, during the official launch of the project in La Tebaida, which he began with a tour of the neighborhood Nueva Tebaida (second stage), in order to talk with beneficiaries about the experience they have had with the arrival of good television signal to their homes.

Additionally, and as part of the actions of social responsibility that advances the ANTV, in each of the territories benefit the Educational Institution has visited Gabriela Mistral, based New Horizon, where they were delivered 80 school kits (notebook, pencil and ruler), shirts and footballs.

Later a press conference was held at the Casa de la Cultura, where members of the National Television Board, the mayor of La Tebaida, Rosa Patricia Buitrago, different community representatives and the director of ANTV, Angela Maria Mora Soto; reporters and assistants explained the scope of the project and how to access this television signal.

Mora explained Soto, "Although the Digital TV signal is already in the city, it is important to remember that viewers must have suitable equipment such as a television, an antenna and a decoder to receive and enjoy the crisp picture and sound in high definition provided by the TDT ".

About, Gabriel Vieira Posada, Board member, he claimed: "Today we visited families who have an impeccable signal and gorgeous colors, of no use having TV signal if the contents of no use to the public. Public TV has a function to reach and teach all families. We have gone from having two rainy channels have 13 crisp channels. further, Children have a dedicated channel called Tacho Pistachio and trapping this audience ".

A) Yes, with an investment of more than $650 millions of pesos, ANTV and the European Union, through the German company Rohde & Schwarz, responsible for carrying out the facilities that culminated in December 2017, He hired 12 young tebaidenses (previously trained by the Seine) to install kits DTT signal reception over 35 districts of the municipality, as Alfonso Lopez, Cantarito, Nueva Tebaida, Monterrey, foundations, Guayacanes, Villa Maria, Silvia, among others.

"The biggest challenge is that people understand that appropriates and an antenna inside the housing, without having to move as before, or which is located next to a window, You can receive this signal is free and enjoy. In the country, the channel with the highest population coverage is Telecafé, and this offers very good and varied programming content ", said Ernesto Orozco Orozco, Board member.

The mayor of the Tebaida, Rosa said Patricia Buitrago, "On behalf of the municipality of La Tebaida we give a huge appreciation for this project. When the ANTV got here, the people were afraid of what was being installed today and thank them for the good signal arriving at their homes. Two thousand decoders constitute a very significant figure that improves the quality of life of tebaidenses ".

To end, it should be noted that the inhabitants of La Tebaida and Quindio generally acquire the decoder in stores and authorized points, They can watch their favorite programs through 13 TV channels in high quality: Canal 1, Canal Institucional, Colombia signal, RCN (with five signals) and Caracol (four); and the regional channel Telecafé 6 additional stations: Blu Radio, Radionics, FM, Radio One, Radio Nacional de Colombia and RCN Radio.

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