Calarcá collapse left 6 deathly victims

After the landslide recorded last Saturday in the village of Calarca Travesías, relief agencies confirmed the death of 6 people; so far it achieved the recovery and identification 4 bodies.

The CTI of the Office confirmed Sunday in the Departmental Chamber Crisis identity of the four deceased rescued in the village of Calarca Travesías, after the landslide that occurred this Saturday morning. The two bodies are rescued that first day Mrs. Deisy Buritica, from 41 year old, and William Camilo Ospina Treeplanters, from 11 years.

Although that Saturday said Andres Felipe Lasso Buritica, from 15 years, It was the first minor recovered, The authorities confirmed that this is still missing as Jean Pierre Isaza, from 11 year old.

Sunday rescued the bodies correspond to the brothers Leison Estiven Lasso Buritica, from 11 years, Jhon Fredy and Lasso Buritica, from 13 years, children of the first victim.