No environmental permits construction of hydroelectric

Following the discussion in the council of Pijao about building small hydroelectric plants in this Andean town, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Quindio, CRQ, He said that there is only permits for environmental studies for two companies.

Monica Jaramillo, Control program leader Trafficking Wildlife and Biodiversity of the CRQ confirmed: "There are some environmental permits authorizing is the only research. These permits have been authorized to EnerPijao and Electric.

Power is noteworthy that it has no current permits, They were delivered in 2017 and they ended at the end of the year 2018, and the final reports but there met by this company for any environmental license process, in any estate of which they were approved for research ".

It was also noted that companies that requested permits environmental studies lack licenses for the construction of such hydroelectric power stations throughout the territory Quindio. Likewise, the environmental authority said that if companies fail to comply conducting studies with his goal could face sanctions by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Quindio.