Situation of public universities the coffee

The national strike of students in public universities in Colombia meets today 56 days and aims to stay by disagreements in the instance of dialogue with the national government.

The student said that there is a historical deficit for higher education in Colombia that has led to a structural crisis in the public education system

What happens at the University of Quindio

In Armenia a week ago, superior academic council of the University of Quindio suspended semester students modality to 20 from January. That date will seek to recover class time was used for walkout.

Technological University of Pereira this is the situation

in Risaralda, la UTP se reunió el concejo académico y dieron plazo hasta el 14 January to resume activities, but it will be lost by the second half of 2018.

In Manizales the situation is the same for the University of Caldas and the National University

La Universidad Nacional en Manizales presentó una modificación en su calendario académico. The dates presented by the directors of the institution, They are submitted from semester students who were studying at the time of entering into unemployment, that is to say, the second half of the year 2018, which will be resumed 16 of January of 2019 and will go to the 22 March 2019; If this is not true, semester could be canceled.

This Friday 7 December will be held the academic council of the University of Caldas to define the schedule towards the year 2019 and liquidation of teachers who have a defined term contract.