Telecafé released Cimarrona and Marilyn Live

Successfully he carried out the launch of 'Cimarrona' and 'Marilyn Live', series made with the support of the National Television Authority (quiz) and they are part of the Public TV Reloaded.


In Pereira the launch of 'Cimarrona' was performed, event where criticism, journalists, special guests and society from Pereira witnessed the first chapter of this production, by Telecafé and tells the story of Sonia, a young woman who find weight lifting the solution to become visible in a city that seems not to recognize, but welcomes it as a displaced who came from the department of Chocó the neighborhood El Plumón, a piece of land from Pereira where Afro-descendants deceive the eyes to feel at home.

'Cimarrona' is a series of fiction 8 chapters with a duration of 24 minutes each, Pereira was shot in the neighborhood of El Plumón, a sector of invasion that is inhabited by Afro who mostly come to the city displaced by violence. Several of the protagonists of the series, in real life, forced displacement lived in the flesh and came to live in the Plumón where they have gone ahead with work and effort.

This event was attended by the director of the ANTV, Angela Maria Mora Soto, who noted that "for the National Television Authority is an honor to recognize the work being done by regional channels, especially since ethnic public policy and recognizing the role of communities Negras, Afrocolombianas, Raizales and Palenqueras ". Meanwhile, Gabriel Vieira Posada, Board member of the National Television, He said "we are inviting through calls for independent filmmakers to continue developing initiatives that narren from converging languages ​​and tools have as television, film and digital platforms. Promoting bets on the sum of talents and efforts for quality television ".

At the same took place the launch of "Marilyn Live", This is a production in which a young influencer, with a famous artist of popular music, using new tools that technology offers, They live a series of experiences that manage to consolidate its values ​​and principles. The format is fiction reality, features 13 chapters 24 minutes duration each and transmitted Telecafé from Thursday 5 of April.

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