Opinión: Televidencia crítica, el reto del sector audiovisual

Never before has communication facilities and content creation were so accessible to all. The global village we spoke theorists today is a reality, We lived every day with viral, the scandalous, degradation of children, the woman, the old man and humanity; responsible for reporting is a right for everyone and well, but the criteria is a responsibility that must be assumed. You can not ignore either successful cases which develop from the same social networks.

In a world where content development is the speed of a click or pressure "touch" cell to record and disseminate material without indications or contraindications, the audiovisual sector and the industry is in arrears to work for a critical audience, an audience that dude, question and inquire about what you see on the screens.

But this rigorous and responsible work depends not only on the industry. The powers of communication, school and family are important players to form viewers with analytical skills, dissent, prosumption and own positions, with respect for conflicting ideas,.

At present, the TV remains the best-selling appliance in Colombia, more than 70 percent of Colombian households have at least two of these devices and cell phone is no stranger to the statistics, growth in purchases of data packets is dizzying and demand audiovisual production of all kinds is enormous.

Today's children from an early age have a smartphone and much time is spent on the, interacting or just watching videos, without control and at the mercy of explanation content, This is where all the work takes paramount importance.

What I mean by this, is that communication professionals, those who decided to mechanize or give decorum of his office, They have a more significant challenge yet, not to be impressed by the "likes" or reproductions that can reach a piece, because the easiest way to that rise is marked by scandal or embarrassing, while the serious work, committed and consistent, It requires dedication and are those contents which are memorable for the audience.

The challenge is great and the immense challenge, but I believe in that kind of professionals and productions, the good detail and invoice, I think beyond what we can all do to create less waste or disposable parts and bet on audiovisual productions collection. Responsible for content work and a critical audience.

By: Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

Opinion: critical televidencias, the challenge of the audiovisual sector