Reconocimientos y muestras artísticas durante la celebración de los 25 años de Telecafé

During the commemoration, Minister of Information Technology and Communications, David Luna delivered to the Regional Channel Manager, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie medal Manuel Murillo Toro, for their contribution to the progress of communications in Colombia.

Likewise, the Minister received from Telecafé recognition that accredits the national government as a guarantor of growth and development of public television.

the work of the director of the National Television Authority was also recognized (quiz), Angela Soto Mora, attesting to the Authority as the entity that strengthens compliance with the institutional mission of the channel and its contribution to development nationwide public television.

Another was decorated businessman Jean Claude Besudo, for his contribution to the tourism sector in the region and supporting entrepreneurs in the coffee.

Similarly, the manager acknowledged the work of Juan Manuel Arboleda, quien ha tenido un trabajo ascendente en la entidad iniciando como camarografo hasta llegar a uno de los cargos más importantes, general producer.

Likewise, the Telecafé Canal won awards from the Government of Risaralda, the governor of Quindio, Mayor of Pereira, Mayor of Armenia, Association of Colleges and Communication Programs, Eje Cafetero, Afacom, y menciones de reconocimiento de diferentes autoridades de la región, political and civil leaders.

Meanwhile the governor of Caldas Guido Echeverri took part in the event with a recognition of the important information channel for its work, revealing the great social and political cultural values ​​of the three departments, in the decree of honor 0271 issued 20 October this year.

The event was broadcast live on screens Telecafé and different personalities attended the local level and national.

Recognitions and art exhibitions during the celebration of the 25 Telecafé years