Regresan las capacitaciones de la ANTV la Tele de Todos para el Eje Cafetero

Scan formats for children tv, The workshop will be dictated by TV Lab and content management of the National Television Authority, activity will be developed in Pereira on Thursday 10 May in the premises of the University Foundation of the Andean Area.

El Laboratorio de Televisión Infantil TVLab quiere compartir con la comunidad audiovisual regional sus hallazgos en temas de televisión infantil, narratives as age range, Key for participation and innovation in formats and content.

The workshop results will remain TVLab study material. space will be used to meet the concerns and needs of the sector, build a support network and link to government and academic entities in the process of audiovisual content.


  • 9:00 – 12:30. Activity on formats general public audiovisual
  • 14:00 – 17:00. Activity on children's TV for teams and interested in children's TV.


Day morning: producers filmmakers, writers, etc.

  • 9:00. Presentation of TV Lab, by the research team. Awareness of public television aimed at children.
  • 9:45. Chat: Alharaca keys for participation. How should bring the filmmakers to children at different stages of the audiovisual production
  • 11:00. Break
  • 11:15. Taller: audiovisual narratives as the age range.


  • 14:00. Exhibition and display of documents and experiences.
  • 15:30. Taller: Innovation in formats, content and distribution platforms.
  • 5:00. Conclusions and end of the activity.










Returning the training of the Tele ANTV of all to the Coffee