Se realizó el tercer ciclo de La Tele De Todos.

The event was held at the premises of the University of Pereira Andean Area and was attended by students, and the general public.

With the support of the National Television Authority continues the series of lectures called "La Tele de Todos", event with the update on issues of digital convergence and the evolution of television has sought in content.

This time the focus of the conference was focused on transmedia storytelling and the main features of a multiplatform project, by the Social Communicator and Journalist Sergio Urquijo, who also gave some recommendations to enrich audiovisual content with useful tools to attract new audience.

Another important point of the event was related to the subject of advertising and content in regional channels by the advisor to the National Television Authority Silvana Arbelaez Bateman.

Meanwhile Content Coordinator of the National Television Authority, Gabriel Levy, It was responsible for opening the event delivering significant numbers of media consumption in our country, basis to analyze the target audience you want to reach.

The manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, He highlighted these events which seek to generate digital culture in the region.

"We reiterate our gratitude to the ANTV to fix their eyes on the coffee zone, in Telecafé we are committed to making quality television and that citizens understand some of the technological changes which in turn have forced producers to create different alternatives in language and content to market requirements ", the official noted.

the third cycle was performed Tele All.