Are you interested in applying for copies of our productions?

The following are the steps for the acquisition of audiovisual material Telecafé. We provide copies in DVD format's own productions Telecafé.

To request a copy of a program Telecafé, follow these steps:

  1. You must first check in the Commercial and Marketing existence of the video and its availability, calling 8727100 Ext. 109 or writing to [email protected], indicating date, broadcast time and program name.
  2. Make payment. Cancel according to the contribution made by the Department of Commercial and Marketing. Payment must be made at any branch of Davivienda to Current Account No 084169999012 on behalf of Telecafé. Send copy of the deposit via fax to (6) 8727100, indicating full name, identification and address.
  3. Receive the material. Please move closer to Telecafé facilities at Cra 19th No. 43 – 02 for delivering the requested copy. If sent to a different city the user cancels the postage.

Note: The use of videos is only domestic, at no time authorized for the use of images in performing other audiovisual productions or other audiovisual transmissions.