Servidores de Telecafé se graduaron como Técnicos en Elaboración de Audiovisulaes del Sena

For a year, more of 24 Bank workers were trained in the field to update and improve their job skills.

Some of their audiovisual products were projected on screens Regional Channel and have even been nominated for journalism awards Orlando Sierra that highlights the best of audiovisual works.

"We thank the manager, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, who has supported us in this goal and equally to all managers; Telecafé gave us tools and time required to achieve the goal, personally was a major challenge since it was meeting again involved in a classroom and meet work, projects and tasks, but what we take forward ", manifestó Juan Harvey Gutiérrez, Channel sportswriter and one of the people who graduated from the Technical.

In turn the Manager Telecafé, He recognized the "titanic work of the Seine, being one of the most beloved Colombian entities and greater contribution to the industrial sector and human resource quality brings to the region and country.

"I congratulate my colleagues on that commitment, to achieve their goals and that all this knowledge they have acquired reflected in the best way in our Canal and its productions ", He explained the official.

Within the plan of Telecafé training and support human talent, también se está capacitando a personal de la sede en Pereira como Tecnólogos en Producción de Medios Audiovisuales, Besides constant activities undertaken throughout the year with the National Television Authority that have spread to Journalists, Lawyers and students in the region.

Telecafé servers graduated as technicians in Development of audiovisulaes Seine