Siguen los reconocimientos para Telecafé  por  25 años de trabajo social

The Corporation for Economic and Social Progress in Risaralda, Copesa, He gave recognition to individuals and institutions that make it great to Pereira and Risaralda, whose accomplishments and contributions have contributed to its growth, economic development and social welfare.

"We are very happy, It is a reward for the whole team, a esas personas que trabajamos en el canal para darle un concepto distinto a la tv publica, a concept that deserves the attention of all citizens, all the coffee and nationwide, technology, scheduling changes, new platforms, make're at the forefront of any private or public channel ", said the manager, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

According to the directives of Copesa, esta manifestación interpreta el reconocimiento a instituciones que como Telecafé en sus 25 years have devoted the greatest effort to contribute to identity, capital and sustainable development, con una apuesta innovadora en materia de promoción y divulgación de los valores y de los aspectos más relevantes a nivel local y regional.

"I thank Telecafé for their 25 years, because it has been an engine of development, He has been articulator of the great goals in the coffee and the three departments and to celebrate good 25 years can be partakers of these achievements and those projections, "said Gil Bernardo Jaramillo, Corporation President

managerial and executive management have allowed Telecafé position with great projection and leadership at the regional and national context was also highlighted.



Followed by acknowledgments for Telecafé 25 years of social work