Súper Pobre Man, próximo estreno en Telecafé

On Sunday 17 December comedy series premiere, con su primer capítulo la mafia en el fútbol, la cual será protagonizada por Juan Ricardo Lozano, quien se enfrentará problemáticas sociales de todo tipo y las enfrentará de una manera satírica, ironic and humorous.

"It's the first time you can afford a cultural relationship which has to do with humor, to face a policy which can bind gaps and imagination to different cultural themes, the super hero faces the mafia in football, drug addiction, all you have to do with human trafficking and the issue of poor health service delivery ", Juan Ricardo Lozano added.

According to production, this is a super hero who has a friend named Bobichica, This is a woman amidst all make many mistakes, también está el profesor Fo, un personaje caricaturesco que inventa cosas para ayudar el Súper Héroe, ya que Súper Pobre man no tiene como ayudar, It has no powers, this represents the Colombian citizen who at some point wants to help, He wants to get ahead but not as, It does not have the means, But he and his team manage to solve all problems.

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