Taller de televisión en Montenegro con ANTV

The activity held on Thursday 29 November from two in the afternoon at the House of Culture will be completely free.

According to the stated by Gabriel Levy, content director of the National Television Authority, and who guide training, This workshop is aimed at journalists, journalists, producers, filmmakers, youtubers and all people who want to learn how to hit correctly on multiple screens, (transmedia).

"We invite the community to participate in this activity since, Besides the academic component, the talk will be an important input of knowledge for all people who want access to economic resources and calls made by the Mintic, ANTV and regional channels where resources are awarded to the winners of the calls to do their audiovisual project ", said the Director of Contents ANTV.

In turn the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, He highlighted the support of the Coffee Axis ANTV with this kind of talks and training.

"This was a very important year for the region. Thanks to the National Television Authority were trained over 250 people through TV that strategy are, Tele Tele we want and children with workshops that were issued in Manizales, Pereira, La Tebaida and to be held in Montenegro and something very good is that thanks to these activities several people in the region obtained scholarships for a diploma on children's television endorsed by the University of Antioquia ", Giraldo Hincapie highlighted.

She reiterated the same invitation to all those interested in the training of Montenegro and neighboring municipalities as it is a major effort to make the ANTV and socially Telecafé to impact the people in the coffee.

Agenda of activities:

  • 14:00. Overview of transmedia, conceptualization and main references in the world, by Gabriel Levy, Contents coordinator ANTV.
  • 15:00. Break.
  • 15:15. practical activity, by Sergio Urquijo, ANTV advisor: formulation of an idea of ​​transmedia audiovisual project to spread a message or story on multiple platforms. Participants will generate transmedia map.
  • 16:00. Job sharing.
  • 16:45: Conclusions and closing.

About trainers: Gabriel Levy's Social Communicator Journalist of the University of Antioquia, Colombia, majoring in Multimedia and Communication doctoral studies at the National University of Rosario, Argentina. Adviser- Consultant and ICT Digital Communication in the private and business sector in Colombia, Panama, Paraguay and Argentina. University teacher in the area of ​​communications and telecommunications. Iberoamericanos speaker at various events. Career as a director with managerial positions in various companies in the telecommunications sector in Colombia. Executive Secretary of the Platform for audiovisual sector regulators in Latin America between periods 2014 – 2016 Y 2018. Actualmente es Coordinador de contenidos de la Autoridad Nacional de Televisión de Colombia.

Sergio Morales Andrés Urquijo: social communicator – Journalist at the University of Antioquia, magíster en Ciencias por la Universidad de Sao Paulo. He has worked in press, radio and television, especially in the area of ​​science. Since 2013 he works as a science writer at the University of Antioquia, editor of the science magazine and researcher Experience, docente y asesor en Televisión Digital para la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana y la Universidad de Antioquia. He is a researcher, advisor and consultant in digital television and cross-platform in the National Television Authority, entity which has generated documents, guides and scholarly books. With ANTV has developed training cycles for public channels and digital communication workshops to empower local media and communities.



Television Workshop in Montenegro with ANTV